Mu666 Vari Mu

Mu666 Vari Mu Compressor

This is a one of a kind Vari-Mu tube compressor based on a PM670 compressor, but it’s different, way different.. The design was decent but had quite a lot of unusable distortion and it messed up the lowend. This one has a LOT of modifications like Cinemag transformers, matched tubes, floating balancing, modified sidechain section with both solid state and tubes, HPF and lots more. All of these modifications resulted in a yellow beast with one set of controls for both channels that does not just looks great, its sounds even better.

When pushed hard the tubes and transformers really add something massive to the lowend and also the highs can really sparkle and shine. It’s punchy and wild, but it can also do it’s job really subtle and just add a bit of character which you simply can not get with plugins. While most compressors go to 10 or some go to 11, this one goes louder, it goes to 11 and a half..  😉 That is why I named it, the Mu666.

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