Monitor Controller

Passive Monitor Controller

For monitoring, you need full control and as transparant as possible. That is why I designed and built my own controller with a passive 64 steps digital controlled relay-based attenuator. This is not the standard series attenuator using off the shelf resistors, but Dale RN6 resistors in parallel configuration. This means way less components in the audio path and so, way more transparant then a standard series attenuator.

Besides a volume control, you also want; all balanced 4 inputs, 2 outputs, direct out, dim, mute left, mute right, diff (side) and mono. Ofcourse a nice Class-A headphone amp would be nice and to finish it off, you need fancy, sturdy, bicolor EAO pushswitches and a shiny white powdercoated engraved frontpanel. This neat little 1u box has it all! And to be honest? It rocks!

Quite recently I started up DuTCH audio and offer these monitor-controllers for sale along other equipment.

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