FCS P3S Mastering edition

The Foote Control Systems P3S Mastering edition is used by a lot of mastering-studio’s worldwide for a reason. It can be very transparant, doing it’s thing without letting you know it’s even in the chain. But it can also growl a bit more when changing the time-constant mode to N/L for example.

The only thing I missed was more control over the sidechain filtering, so I decided to built myself a nice and neat sidechain frequency selector with full options. Besides 8 different HPF frequencies (default is 74hz) I also implemented the API THRUST® circuit in Med and Hi mode, which I also loved in a long gone GSSL compressor I built years back. This circuit, according to API, is used for ‘a chest-hitting, punchy bottom end’ which is indeed true, it can give power to the lowend by simply leaving it alone but sill taking care of the mids and highs. You can never have enough control over your compression can’t you? 🙂

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