Studio Equipment

‘Even though I have quite a comprehensive list of equipment and software, I believe in the ‘less is more’ principle. This way you can make better and more acurate decissions. With too many choices, you will be focussing on the wrong things.’

Analogue Processing

Sontec based Mastering EQ
Barry Porter NetEQ
Nite EQ3 air EQ
Foote Control Systems P3S ME compressor (modifed)
D-AOC optical tube compressor
Mu666 vari-mu tube compressor

Digital Processing

Fabfilter Pro-L2
Fabfilter Pro-MB
Fabfilter Pro-C2
Fabfilter Pro-Q3
Fabfilter Pro-DS
PSP Xenon limiter
PSP Mastercomp
PSP Oldtimer ME
Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2
Brainworx Dangerous BaxEQ
BX SubSynth
Izotope Ozone9 advanced
TDR Limiter 6 GE
OD DeEdger
Sonnox restauration tools


Bowers and Wilkins N802
Custom Hypex nc400 Class-D amplifier
Avantones Mixcubes
AMC 2445 amp (modified)
DuTCH audio passive monitor controller
Sennheiser HD600 headphone (modified)

AD / DA Conversion

Lynx Hilo AD/DA

DAW and Controllers

Steinberg Wavelab 10
Sonoris DDP creator PRO
Izotope RX7
Presonus Studio One
Sonoris DDP customized player (customer DDP reference) IM2.1s Insert Matrix
Custom I7 PC with SSD’s and LED screens on win10x64
Mac Mini running logic and MFiT tools
Plextor CD burners with Plextools professional
nOb controller


Acoustics by GIK acoustics (custom) and DIY basstraps/diffusers
Grimm TPR cabling with goldplated Neutrik connectors
W&M LS-01 Hi-end Speaker-cables
Furman power conditioning (modified)
Sony DTC-A8 DAT transport (modified)
Tascam CD160 CD transport (modified)
Rotel cassettedeck with dolby B/C/HX-Pro (modified)
Technics SL1200mk2 with various cartridges
Custom balanced RIAA pre-amp
350Mbit/s up/down fibre internet connection 🙂
Ears by Jeffrey de Gans

Furniture and other stuff

Custom-built, acoustically transparant mastering-desk
A funky green chesterfield couch
Herman Miller Aeron chair (the masterers choice)
Modified Rancilio espresso-machine with the worlds-best coffee-beans 🙂
Security by SAM from Secureme2