Mixing versus Mastering

“There is a misconception about mixing and mastering. A lot of people think that they can be done by the same engineer in the same studio. I personally think that mixing and mastering are two completely different things and should not be mixed up. You could look at it like a plasterer and a painter are two different professions. Yes, a painter can probably do some decent plastering and likewise. But do you want things to be ‘decent’ or do you want it to be done ‘perfectly’ by someone who does this full-time and really knows how what he/she is doing? That is why I don’t offer mixing-services myself.

If you are looking for someone serious to do your mixing, I have some full-time mixing-engineers in my direct connections which are pleased to help you out!”

“Please contact me for more info and I will bring you into contact with the right person for your project!”