Mastering is a craft, a science and some people even call it an art-form. It’s an obsessive look at the details, without losing focus of the big picture. It’s an objective opinion, It’s about quality, presentation, and translation, and most of all, it’s about your music, and doing everything I can to help realize your vision.”


I offer high-end analog mastering to bands, musicians, labels, studios, and producers. I use only the best custom-built analog hardware and digital software to improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your precious recordings.


Stem mastering

With stem mastering individual audio tracks (stems) are grouped together for independent control and sound processing. Sometimes stem mastering can be a lifesaver, for instance, when you have problems mixing in vocals or when you have problems in the lowend. The maximum amount of stems I will work with is 5.

95% of the time stem-mastering is not needed and will not make your master better. If the mix is good, it’s just a waste of time and money.

Attended mastering

I’m sorry, but It’s not possible to attend the mastering-session. I will explain why I stopped doing attended mastering-sessions. I have synesthesia, which means I feel, see, taste, experience music and sound, not just by ears. It will not make your master any better when attending the session. When someone attends the mastering session, I will be distracted and the synesthesia experience will be a lot less.

For albums it’s sometimes a good idea to come to the studio, but mostly to listen to the final masters, do some small tweaks or for making the sequence/transistions of the album.

Preparation and delivery

“I have some guidelines for preparing your music to be mastered. Please read this information carefully.”

Files can be uploaded to my own WeTransfer channel. For single track mastering I prefer the use of the online mastering-service.

Delivery of finished masters

Finished masters will be standard WAV files in 24bit and 16bit including a dedicated master for streaming services. Apple Digital Masters (Da Goose Mastering is certified supplier) and Vinyl ready masters are also possible for a small extra fee. Encoding to mp3, AAC(+) or FLAC is free of charge.

Finished masters will be delivered digitally by WeTransfer. A DDP image or an error-checked red-book standard PMCD is also possible. Please let me know before I start mastering.

More information about masters and how to deal with them can be found here.


Prices of my services can be found on the prices page.
All prices are excluding 21% VAT.

“Mastering is the final step before your music is released to the world. I take that very seriously.”