Online Mastering

Da Goose Mastering online

Thank you for choosing Da Goose Mastering. Please follow the steps below to complete your mastering-order. After you placed your order, you will first receive an automated e-mail. Once everything is OK, I will get back to you about the status of your project.


I have guidelines for preparing your music to be mastered. Please read this information carefully before submitting your order.

  • Mixed down stereo Wav or AIF files in 24bit or higher. No mp3 or other lossy format
  • Make filenames as short as possible without becoming confusing.
  • Your mixes should have a decent level without exceeding 0 dBfs (digital clipping)
  • Don’t use limiters on your master-bus. If you use it to make things louder, remove it!
  • Make sure your starts and ends are OK, so no missing attack or reverbtail
  • Quality check: after bouncing, always listen to the complete track!

The more detailed version of these guidelines can be found here


Ordering details

1. You Fill in the personal info as completely as possible

2. The Project Select the amount of tracks and alternate versions of the project

3. Extra Info  Info that might be important to know like, what sound you are looking for

4. Upload Upload your tracks (wetransfer) or provide me with the downloadlink

5. Checkout Checkout and pay for online mastering

The usual turnaround time for single tracks is 2 working days. During busy periods it can take longer, so please check with me first in case you are working to a deadline. It’s possible to have same day delivery mastering. I will charge € 50,- per track with a max of 2 tracks. Please contact me first to discuss the options.

Did you check your files for mixing or bouncing errors by listening to them from beginning till the end?
You are responsible for mixing/bouncing errors found after the initial mastering. They will be charged extra.

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